About Us

Restore • Affirm • Manifest

by The Rush Fam
for your Fam

Why this brand?

At Fortune & Flame, our foundation is family. Through everyday rituals with our family-friendly products, we want to restore your energy as family so that together, you can restore your soul and find calm amidst the chaos. Together, you can ignite your intentions & manifest your dreams with Fortune & Flame.

What we do?

Fortune & Flame is a personal care and home goods brand that designs family-friendly products that restore energy so that families can manifest the FORTUNE of Family by turning everyday experiences into lasting memories.

How we do?

By focusing on setting intentions together as a family, the Rush Family were able to manifest their dreams and fortune. With this knowledge, the Rush Family focused on creating Fortune & Flame.

What we believe in

Fortune is found in family & friendship

Family is important

Power of Intention directs our energy into pursuits that ignite our souls

Power of Manifestation pushes us to achieve our dreams